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Ultimate Blog Challenge April 2017

Here it comes again… another Ultimate Blog Challenge.

This means I have to write a blog post every single day this month! I know it’s the April Fool’s Day today but this is not a joke – I’m serious. I did the Ultimate Blog Challenge before, some 3 years ago, so I know what I am letting myself into…

It may seem like a piece of cake to write something every day but it’s far from easy. Firstly, you need a fresh idea every single day, then you have to read blogs posted by other people on the challenge and comment on them; it also makes sense to try to engage with my readers and reply to comments left  on my site. If you want to do it all properly, i.e. really read other people’s posts, think about them,  write meaningful comments and reply back, it does take quite  a bit of time.

So… it’s effort,  it takes time – why do it? Well, there quite a few good reasons to take part, but here are the main ones:

  • there are loads of useful tips from the Ultimate Blog Challenge team, so it’s a great learning exercise to help you become a better blogger;
  • it’s a great opportunity to come across other people’s blogs and discover hidden gems – and that means other people can discover my blog, too! That can only be a good thing; 🙂
  • commenting on other people’s blogs and responding to comments left on my own blog can start some really interesting  conversations.

I’m not sure yet what I will be blogging about this month. I’ll try to write about business, education, mindfulness and motivation but a few seemingly random things may sneak in, too. We shall see how it goes but it should be fun.  🙂 Oh, and please do ‘like’ my Facebook page in the side panel if you enjoy my posts, that would be lovely!

I look forward to this new challenge and connecting with the blogging community. It’s all happening here so come on over and have a look.

To everyone taking part – happy Ultimate Blog Challenge!

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