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Technology Is Wonderful – When It Works

Life before the advances of modern technology was so much easier in many ways.  Most objects in our daily lives did not require any particular training in order to use them. You got what you saw and when it broke, most of the time you could fix it – with a screw driver and a hammer or some string and sticky tape.  It was manageable.  Unfortunately, these days are gone and we are now at the mercy of High Technology.  High Technology is all very good and can be wonderful, indeed, assuming it works. Only that sometimes it doesn’t and there is nothing that most of us, mere mortals, can do about it.

I find it very frustrating when I am left at the mercy of High Technology Not Working. The most recent instance occurred just a few of hours ago, when I came across some beautiful artwork on the WordPress.com site and wanted to reblog it here for the benefit of my respectable readers.

I followed the instructions (i.e. I clicked the ‘reblog’ button), got a confirmation message and came back to this website to admire the outcome of my reblogging.  Well, the outcome was not apparent.  I had to go back to the original art blog and follow my reblog message link, only to find that it took me to an ‘error page’ on my site.  ‘Content not found’, it said.   What do you mean, ‘not found’?  Where is it?  Is there a Bermuda Triangle between the WordPress site and my website (which, incidentally, runs on WordPress, too)?

No amount of head-scratching would help.  The beautiful sketches by Marion Wilcocks I wanted to show to you, are not here and there is nothing I can do about it – other than apologise for my technical inability.  You see, I am not qualified to deal with High Technology, in particular when it refuses to do what’s expected.  Sticky tape and a piece of string are my sort of thing.

Going back to the sketches – they are truly wonderful and have been published in an online magazine of the Society of Graphic Fine Art. It’s a shame High Technology refused to co-operate…



One thought on “Technology Is Wonderful – When It Works

  1. Technology is as important to me as oxygen on a day to day basis-so its annoying when it goes wrong. But then again I guess we shouldn’t get to dependent on it. Say the country had a huge power cut for a few days some people-mainly the teenagers(like me)-would go insane. But I think that it doesn’t help that most schools don’t really teach anything about living outdoors.

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