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Talking In My Head

talking heads

I have always thought that talking to yourself is a sign of imminent  madness, or at least a significant eccentricity. I am now forced to revisit this assumption  – I have started talking to myself quite a lot recently, whilst I believe I am perfectly sane.

Sometimes, the sentences churn over quietly in my head, on other occasions I keep muttering throughout the day, e.g. while cooking or tidying up. My prime ‘chat time’ is at bed time – perhaps a bit  of a ‘flash-back’ to childhood’s bedtime stories?

I have never talked to myself before.

I would either have a conversation with another person or remain silent. Talking to myself was not my thing, I would consider it completely pointless. What has changed? Simple – I started a blog.

Blogging is easier said than done. I wish I could just come up with an idea and produce a blog post 40 minutes later, but it does not seem to work like that. Not for me, anyway.

Since I started writing, I’ve been trying to pay quite a bit more attention to what and how I say. If I said something silly in a conversation, I could just hope that the other person did not hear or not remember my comment. However, once something has been posted in a blog, this is it. It’s there, as a lasting testament to my imperfect use of words.

Writing something down for public consumption is quite daunting. It’s so easy to get something wrong or to upset people unintentionally. I need to think things through carefully and it is much easier when I can have a conversation about it.

I could potentially bounce it off my family members, but the problem with that is that they may not like what I am planning to write. They may disagree with my take on the topic or simply find it uninteresting. All that would translate into negative feedback and I’d rather focus on the positive side of things.

Talking things through with myself really helps.

It helps me gain clarity on what I want to say. It helps me remember the intended title for my new post (I still haven’t bought that little notebook to keep all my ideas together)… It also serves as an ‘editing board’ for what I want to write and helps organise my thoughts.

So, if anyone spots met taking to myself, assume that I am simply working on my new blog post and there is no need to worry. You should only become concerned when you catch me arguing with myself. That would be highly eccentric to say the least.



10 thoughts on “Talking In My Head

  1. Ha ha…what a lovely post. I ALWAYS talk to myself…and I love it! I could quite happily spend all day on my own at home with the running commentary of my voice!! Like you mentioned, I find it helps me to formulate ideas, get in tune with my inner voice and cement what my gut is telling you…keep up the great work, Beata!

    1. That’s very reassuring, Angela, thank you so much! 🙂 I take it I’m not going crazy just yet 😀

  2. I talk to myself all the time, but especially in the car when I am driving!!! Well, I am actually talking to the other drivers but obviously they can’t hear me, which is probably for the best!!!

  3. I never used to talk to myself, but have started doing so more as I get a little older. I’ll probably be babbling incoherently in a few years! 😉 Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  4. Thank you for being vulnerable, I don’t think you are crazy or else me and everyone I know is crazy too. I think we all spend too much time ruminating on our thoughts, silly or not. I would love to spend less time in my head and more in my creative pursuits, like blogging. I am a big fan of journaling as a way to work out some of my ideas and to collect them so they stop taking up space in my busy brain.

    1. Minette, thank you for your comment. I think your idea of journalling to stop ideas from rattling around in your head is great. I should start doing that, too.

  5. i’ve always been talking to myself, and yes i’m perfectly sane. i think it’s healthy to get in touch with our inner selves this way. 🙂

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