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Site Optimisation – And It’s NOT About SEO

mobile_optimisationLast time I wrote about website optimisation, I was referring to Search Engine Optimisation tools. You know, one of those things that are supposed to make your site easier to find when people search for it in Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines. I though I had ticked that box off, but it turns out there is more to website optimisation than your good old SEO.

Pictures are supposed to make things look nice…

One of my readers has very kindly informed my that she had an issue with viewing my post on her mobile phone. The first sentence got split up into two, with a huge gap between the words, and the suspicion was that the Twitter thumbnail (that little icon I put in to make it look nicer) was a culprit.

It all looked fine on the computer screen, but the mobile would not have it. I tried deleting and uploading the image again, changing the alignment of the text… nothing worked. My last chance was to change the size of the picture and this time I nailed it. I deleted the original thumbnail, re-sized it to make it smaller, uploaded it again and  hey, presto, finally it looked fine. At least on my mobile, that is…

Optimisation and website viewing

So, as I have just discovered, there are more things you can optimise about a website than search engine visibility. You can also optimise the way a website is displayed.

I was happy with the way my site was displayed on the computer screen, but it never occurred to me to try viewing it on a mobile phone.

Bad mistake.

Without even thinking about it, I assumed that whoever visits my website, will be using a laptop, in the comfort of their sofa or favourite armchair. My very kind reader reminded me that long gone are the days when mobile phones were used just for calling people.

This brings me onto another thing which I will probably have to deal with at some point:

Mobile website optimisation

I have no idea how to do it and how it works, but – in a nutshell – it is something you can do to a website to make it ‘mobile-phone-friendly’. One more thing on my ‘to do’ list…

Meanwhile, until I find out how to optimise my website for mobile viewing, I will  simply try to use smaller thumbnails in my posts and hope for the best. Once I’ve educated myself (I still don’t know why on earth I am doing this), I’ll put it in a post – watch this space!

A big ask to finish off…

Could I ask you a favour, please? If you ever spot anything on my website that does not seem to be working as it should, I will be eternally grateful if you drop me a note via the comments box at the bottom of the post page.  I will do my best to fix it.

And I can give you a special mention in my next post, unless you’d rather I didn’t…

One thought on “Site Optimisation – And It’s NOT About SEO

  1. Very true, Judy. I wouldn’t have for certain, if not the fact that it was pointed out to me!

    Thank you for taking time to comment, much appreciated 🙂

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