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I’ve Been Quiet For A While…

I have just realised it’s been very quiet on my blog over the past two months – I feel really bad about neglecting it! There have been a lot of things going on, one day run into another and other things always seemed more pressing at the time than writing a new post.

Well, we are now done with all the 11+ exams – and successfully, I am pleased to say –  so I can start getting back to normal and paying a bit more attention to my own life rather than my son’s exams! Last few months were extremely stressful and we both had pretty much enough of it all by October;  I am glad I will not have to go through the same hassle ever again. True, I will still worry about the GCSCs and A Levels, but these are a few years away yet, so I suppose I could relax now for a while.

I intend to write up some of my ’11+ home coaching’ experiences in another post some time this side of Christmas – hopefully it will be of some use to those of you who are going through the 11+ preparations this year. Until then – remember it’s best to do little and often and take a break when your child’s (or yours) enthusiasm starts dwindling a bit. You will be fine.


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