How personal can a blog be?


imagesFirst of all, apologies to all my friends for not writing for a while, I hope you didn’t think I abandoned you.

I didn’t plan to have a largely ‘non-blogging’ September, but it just worked out like that.  Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, or go completely against it.  In my case, most of the things that happened last month had absolutely nothing to do with what I was planning or hoping for…  But enough of that, I’m not going to bore you with my recount of the last 30 days.

I have been thinking recently about the sort of blog I have.  The most obvious description is a ‘personal blog’, I think. After all, I tend to write about my own experiences and observations, so that makes it personal, doesn’t it? I’ve read many other personal blogs – some people write about their day-to-day lives, some about their hobbies , travels,  favourite books or cooking recipes. Quite clearly, all personal stuff.

I thought that was a very clear-cut ‘blog classification’ until I read Angela Wilson’s latest ‘Funny Matters’ blog-post.

Angela writes about her experiences during the time her Mum was battling with cancer, and about her loss.  She discloses her innermost thoughts and emotions while being mostly matter-of-factly about it all, but what comes through is raw emotion and grief.  Angela’s posts are poignant and I must admit I can’t read them at any odd time, they need a right frame of mind and peace and quiet to be appreciated properly.  And so I chose my timings  carefully.

In her latest post, Angela went further than ever in talking about her grief – it turns out she had a few miscarriages after her Mum’s death.  It must have taken a lot of courage to discuss something so private on her blog’s forum and she did it with the same dignity as always.  Now, that is PERSONAL, with a capital ‘P’, and has thrown my orderly view of what’s what in the blogging world into disarray.  If Angela’s blog is personal, what is mine? Do my assorted ramblings deserve to be considered ‘personal’? Do they evoke any deep emotions in the people who read them? I suppose I will never know.

Maybe I should not attempt to aspire to a ‘personal blog’ badge at all, but settle on ‘assorted musings’ instead?  Or, perhaps, I could shift my focus and start writing about something useful?  I haven’t quite decided yet which way I want to go, but if you stay with me, you may start noticing some changes on my blog.

I sincerely hope you are going to hang around for a while, if only to tell me if I am getting things right or wrong.  Afterall, there is no point in writing a blog if no-one wants to read it, don’t you think?

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