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Don’t Let It Be All About Work

Sun has come out and it has finally got much warmer.

It  was time to take a break from work and go to the park again. Yes, I know, parks are an ‘all-year-round’ and ‘all-weather’ type of places, but… I really was not created to enjoy damp and grey weather.


Once I got to the park, three things struck me:

  • beautiful flowers  in full bloom, lovely mix of yellows, oranges and reds and various shades of green. Whoever looks after the planting scheme, does a pretty good job there;
  • loads of little children in the playground, all much younger than mine. It seems as if it were yesterday that I took my toddlers there. They are quite a bit older now – what happened with all those years in-between?
  • a new park cafe has opened; I had a friendly chat with the owner and asked when they had opened; ‘About 9 months ago’, he said… How did I miss it?

I had a lovely time but…

As much as I enjoyed spending an afternoon surrounded by greenery, flowers, the chatter of children playing and birds singing, deep down I felt quite a bit melancholy. It dawned on me that the lat few years have largely passed me by. There were so many things happening at home and at work, so much running around… I didn’t really have time to stop and just enjoy the moment. How many springs and summers have I missed without noticing? How many precious moments of just relaxing with the children I let slip and will never get back?

There were good reasons for things to turn out the way they did, but had I had a chance to speak to my future self, I would have done things differently. I would have made sure that there was more of a balance between work and family life, more time for enjoyment and appreciation of simple pleasures of life.

There Is More To Life Than Work.

Getting the right  ‘work-life balance’ can be tricky for anyone and in any line of work, but perhaps people who run their own businesses are much more at risk of getting all ‘sucked in’ by work. I do understand that. It’s difficult to take time off, especially when starting up a new business or trying to grow an existing one. However, it’s so important to be able to do it – what joy will a successful business bring you when you realise how many other things you’ve missed?

If you are passionate about your business like many entrepreneur are, I know you can spend all hours creating it. You may be working until late at night and at weekends, as many business owners do. Your business is very important to you but please –  take time out sometimes and don’t let life pass you by.

Don’t let the joy of success come with a bitter taste of missing all the other joys you could have had. Life is too short  for that.

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