I Need A Holiday

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Yes, that’s right – I am in a desperate need of a holiday.

I am not necessarily talking about going somewhere sunny and warm (although that would be very nice);  in fact, I don’t actually need to go anywhere as such. I just need a break, from pretty much everything.

This year has been very hectic so far. I have sort of lost April, don’t even know where it has gone. It’s like Easter was yesterday and suddenly we are nearly in May… When did that happen? It feels as if the good old Earth started spinning quite a bit faster than usual. There are not enough hours in a day to do everything and unfortunately the things that need doing don’t want to shift; they just keep piling up instead.

When I get to the point of getting overtired, a lot of my daily, mundane activities run on autopilot. This usually works pretty well, but I’ve noticed a few malfunctions recently. For example, last weekend I was doing some ironing (a job I detest) and when I finished, I nearly put the iron away in the fridge. I realised the moment I opened the fridge door that it wasn’t quite a right thing to do and felt like a complete idiot.

A few days ago I went to Tesco to get some milk and bread and came back home with bags full of everything but milk.

This morning,  I spent good 20 minutes going round the house looking for my cup of tea which I misplaced somewhere, only to find it after lunch, hiding behind the screen of my laptop. Later on, I made another cup of tea, but with cold water – I guess I wasn’t decided whether I just wanted a drink of water or a cup of tea, and ended up with a combination of the two, which I had to pour down the sink.

I’m not even going to start about my endless trips up and down the stairs just to remind myself what it was that I was going to do at a particular moment.

I suppose I am under a fair bit of stress at the moment and go to sleep much later than I should. My youngest’s looming 11+ exams are probably the worst – trying to tutor my own child is extremely taxing, both mentally and emotionally. Add to this both boys’ music exams over the next few weeks, my eldest’s end-of-year school exams and the fact that my mother tripped on an uneven pavement, fell and hurt herself. Luckily, she ended up just with a few bruises, but didn’t break anything. A broken bone at her age would not be a very good idea…

Even weather is rubbish – we only had a few warm days and now I am back to my winter coat and gloves – could we not have a proper, warm spring for once?

My dream at the moment would be to take a break from all the daily chores. My husband works very long hours, often also at weekends, so all the unexciting things in life fall on my shoulders. If only I could, I  would happily stay at home and sleep, just to get away from work, housework, shopping, cooking, supervising homework and trying to keep peace between squabbling children…

If you feel the same, take heart – you are not the only one. I think all of us need a break and a little bit of time to ourselves sometimes.


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