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Get Rich Quick – Or Not…

A few days ago, I received a strange email.  It was a message from a complete stranger promising me I could get rich  – very quickly, pretty much RIGHT NOW.

How exactly was I going to get rich?

The person who offered to solve all my financial problems, claimed he had a large amount of money in his bank (shame he didn’t say which bank it was), left behind by a man bearing the same surname as mine. The owner of the said pile of cash apparently died in a horrible earthquake a few years ago and there was no-one who could claim his inheritance. The poor (or rather rich) man’s soul would probably never get to the place of eternal rest unless his fortune was put to good use.

I was the chosen one.

I could become a beneficiary of a substantial fund left behind by an unfortunate man I’d never heard of before. All I needed to do to become rich in an instant, was to contact the mysterious stranger on his private email address, so that he would send me all the necessary details on how to proceed.

His proposal was going to be of ‘great mutual’ benefit, so surely I should be interested?

Well, not really.

I don’t want to be rich.

Becoming rich overnight may cause a lot of problems:

– First of all, instead of people writing to me with promises of money, I would be getting tonnes of letters asking me for money instead. That would be annoying.

– Secondly, the taxman would most likely become interested in my newly acquired wealth and start asking questions. That would be even more annoying.

– Thirdly, I don’t believe a word of it  – it’s a SCAM.

So, Mr. Stranger, thank you, but no.  I won’t be getting in touch with you. I am not that greedy and I am not stupid.



5 thoughts on “Get Rich Quick – Or Not…

  1. Some of my friends are millionaires and some aren’t. Those who aren’t are jealous of those who are and think that they have it all. Not true. One of my friends lives in a mansion and he doesn’t like having people round because he is worried that he wont get invited to other peoples houses because they aren’t living in 2 million pound house. Also he is quite shy about his wealth because he doesn’t want people to pretend to become his friend just so that he can give them money. Being rich isn’t all caviar and butlers.

  2. Well played. I get so tired of scams like this! If it sounds to good to be true, it is. I also appreciate your comments about wealth – it often brings more headaches than it’s worth. I am the richest when I am fulfilled with my life. That’s something money just can’t buy.

    1. Very true, Cathy. There are things that no amount of money can buy and a fulfilling life is certainly one of them. Thank you for your kind words! 🙂

  3. Beata, you handled that perfectly! My work is all about people using their energy the best way, and that’s what you did. One thing– if you win the lottery or receive an inheritance, you don’t have to tell people. The lottery office will take out your estimated taxes and you’re good to go off and invest. Thanks for the moment of fantasy about sudden wealth!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Kebba. I was torn between leaving it be and saying something, and I do find it difficult to keep quiet sometimes… 🙂

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