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My Garden Is Close Yet Distant…

garden1I was standing by the sink in my kitchen, washing up (yes, I do have a dishwasher, but not everything fitted in) and looked out through the window.  My kitchen window overlooks my back garden and I love the view.

My garden used to be a barren patch.

About ten years ago there was next to nothing in my garden.  I spent many long weekends there – often to my husband’s despair – digging and planting, sometimes carrying on after sunset.  Goodness knows how I could even see at times what I was doing.

I nurtured my garden like a baby.  From a barren land I’ve grown it to a slightly wild, but a happy place. It’s funny in a way – my busiest time in the garden was also a very busy family time as I had a very young baby on my hands…

I gave it my heart and then let it go…

It has now occurred to me that over the last 2-3 years I have let it go.  I’ve got a gardener to cut the grass and get rid of the weeds and I hardly ever do any gardening myself.  I’m not quite sure why… I love the feel of warm, crumbly soil between my fingers and a surprise of spring bulbs flowering in unexpected places when I forget where I’ve planted them….

Why, then?

Have I decided that my garden does not need me anymore, a bit like a growing child who no longer needs to hold the parent’s hand?  I really don’t know… These days my visits to the garden tend to be infrequent, either throwing back the neighbours’ children’s football or hanging out wet laundry to dry – hardly satisfying….

Most of the time I just look at my garden through my kitchen window, realising how much I’m missing it and thinking that I have to get close to it again…

Isn’t this strange how places, or even people, that are very close to us can be so very distant at the same time?


7 thoughts on “My Garden Is Close Yet Distant…

  1. There are some perennials that practically thrive on neglect. Daylilies and hosta, to name just two. Herbs, also – chives have lovely flowers and are almost impossible to kill. There are annuals which will reseed themselves in your area – a little research will let you find out which will for you. Neglect is what landscape fabric and mulch are made for. There are ways to have a flower garden without tons of work. And it will reward you with beauty to look at through your window.

    1. I’ve tried to create a relatively maintenance-minimal garden, but could not resist the temptation of a few lilies, tulips and irises… I have a lovely rosemary bush and a few clumps of thyme, too – I love their smell in the summer. Thank you for the tip, I will look up daylilies and hostas 🙂

  2. “Isn’t this strange how places, or even people, that are very close to us can be so very distant at the same time?” Profound thought.
    Loved this picture! Reminds me of my parents home. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your very kind comment. I am not a great photographer, but sometimes I try to capture the passing beauty of the flowers in my garden… I’m glad you like it 🙂

  3. I used to try to grow grass(the legal stuff) but the trees made the backyard to shadowy. They cut the trees down but instead of grass I am getting a nice crop of weeds.

    1. As long as it looks green, it doesn’t really matter what you grow – as long as it is legal stuff, of course 😉

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