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Football World Cup From A Sofa Perspective


Something unusual occurred in our house tonight.  The whole family sat together on the sofa to watch telly. This does not usually happen for a number of reasons:

– my husbands tends to hog the remote and does not let anyone change the channels;

– I don’t have time to watch TV in the living room; my dedicated TV set is in the corner of the kitchen, so I can watch something while washing up or cooking (I know my place);

– the children don’t share their dad’s taste in TV programmes and usually play on their games consoles instead.

What was so special about tonight?

Tonight was very different. Tonight was a semi-final of the football World Cup 2014. Brazil played Germany and there was no way we would miss it. Well, there was no way the boys would miss it, I thought.

I fully expected my husband would not want to watch the match, as he is not the greatest of football fans, but he explained it was only the ‘low level football’ he didn’t watch. The World Cup was different, it was bound to be good.

I don’t watch football at all, but the semi-final presented a perfect opportunity for a cuddle with the children who would otherwise be too busy with their computer games to pay any attention to me. So I sat down, too.

Football at its most unexpected…

So there we were, sitting down comfortably, watching the semi-final. I was expecting Brazil to pull all the stops – the host nation’s team had to win!

It was all exciting to start with, but after Germany scored four goals in the space of six minutes, I started wondering whether there was much point in continuing to watch the game – Germany would most likely win anyway. After the first half and a score of 5-0 to Germany, I suggested that the Germans might well pack up and go home – there was no way Brazil would catch up with the score. At that point, I was corrected by my husband, who explained that Germany had to play on regardless, otherwise they would forfeit the match (this just shows how much I know about the rules of football).

The boys didn’t say anything much; their interest dwindled and they were half-watching and half-playing on their mobile phones. Their attention was on their small touch-screens and not on the telly.

On well-informed husbands…

From the beginning of the second half of the match, my husband really got into it. He kept saying he had always known that Germany were going to smash Brazil. His final results predictions swiftly followed: Brazil should score at least one face-saving goal and Germany would easily score some more. As the second half progressed, he was becoming increasingly certain and more specific in his predictions: Germany 7 – Brazil 1. By the end of the match, it was obvious that my husband was right. He sealed his victory with a customary ‘I told you’, as if he were a football expert.

I don’t understand why…

So it turns out my husband may be psychic. I thought it was more of a female thing, but that’s not the most important issue. What I don’t understand is that he sat on the sofa for 1.5 hours, knowing from the start who would win and he didn’t consider a quick run to the laptop to visit the bookies and place a bet. We are a non-betting family, but a World Cup semi-final was a special occasion, so maybe we could try this once? My better half could have made us rich, or at least a little bit richer than we were… We don’t feature on any of the ‘top richest people’ lists, so that would have been useful.

And the winner is…

Germany are going through to the finals. As for the losers, there were two tonight – Brazil and possibly our bank balance. I think I should carry out a detailed interview with my husband before the next big game and act accordingly – another World Cap semi-final is on Wednesday.

One thought on “Football World Cup From A Sofa Perspective

  1. My dad had the exact same prediction and I thought that we could have got another X-Box if he ran down to the local William Hill-then again he isn’t the most athletic of people so I wouldn’t have bet on it!

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