Closing My First Blogging Challenge


My first ever Ultimate Blog Challenge is coming to an end today and I have finished it on a happy note.  To clarify, I have finished the Challenge but have not completed it, as I was supposed to write thirty-one blog posts in July and this one is only my eighteenth.  Still, I am pretty pleased with what I have done this month.

This is what I achieved on the blogging front…

I wrote my first ever blog post around mid-June, feeling extremely nervous about it and not sure whether I was able to produce the sort of text that would qualify for a blog post.  It felt a bit like learning how to drive a car – it all made sense in theory, but the practical side of it was a completely different matter.

I have gone a long way since my first blog post.

First of all, I think I have managed to relax a little bit about my blogging and thanks to the feedback from the wonderful people who read my posts and leave comments, I have slowly started gaining more confidence in my writing.

I used to worry a lot about a lack of a particular focus in my blog, but now I think it doesn’t really matter what I write about, as long as there are people out there who find it interesting, engaging or simply enjoyable to read.  The choice of a name for my website  – – was a bit of a random thing, but it seems to go well with what I am trying to do here, so I do like it.

I am trying to resist a temptation to appeal to everyone.  I will never be able to do that anyway, so I’ve decided not to try to write for a particular audience.  I’m just putting on paper (or rather on my computer screen) whatever occupies my thoughts at the time of writing.  So, if you do read my posts, you get to know the real me, not some artificially created persona for the purpose of fronting a blog.  I am not suggesting that people tend to invent ‘blogging versions’ of themselves; I’m just saying that with me you get what you see.

Last but not least…

I have met some wonderful people during my Ultimate Blog Challenge.  I have learnt a lot from some of them and discovered quite a number of great websites and blogs I would never even think of searching for in Google.  My virtual world has suddenly become a whole lot bigger.

The big question now is:

Would I do it again?

Yes, absolutely. I think the next Blogging Challenge is coming in October and I will be signing up.  I will try to do better and write more posts than this time.  And even if I don’t manage a blog post a day, I’m sure it will be a worthwhile experience.

Thank you, Michelle Shaeffer and Kathy Hadley for running the Challenge and well done to all my fellow Blogging Challengers of July 2014.  Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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