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Joyce Matthews is an amazing woman.  She runs her own business, http://joycematthewsportfolio.com, facilitating leadership programmes, coaching school leaders, travelling the world and doing million of other things.  Her list of credentials is probably longer than my average blog.  She is extremely busy and yet, she finds time for mere mortals like me.

Another super-woman is Lynsey Whitehouse, who I think has a brain size of a planet.  She has degrees in Engineering, Psychology and Business Management.  How much more diverse can you get?  She runs a very successful ‘6in6’ course on-line (see http://thinkdrawlive.com for that) which teaches people how to overcome obstacles preventing them from achieving their goals.  Like Joyce, despite being ultra-busy, Lynsey also has time for me and other people, if we need her advice or a comment on something.

What do these two brilliant women have in common?

I met both Joyce and Lynsey on-line, while doing a business course less than two months ago, but I’ve got to know them better since I set up my Facebook page.  They are just two of the inspiring people I’ve met on Facebook; there are others, too.

The amazing thing is that I’ve only been on Facebook for less than 3 weeks, coming out of no-where, and now I know people who I would probably never had a chance of meeting in the ‘real world’.

Facebook is not as bad as I thought…

I was very sceptical about Facebook to start with and very resistant to the idea of joining in.  I was persuaded by some of my friends and now I can see that it is not all as bad as I feared.  My feelings are still a bit mixed, but on balance, I’m glad I got tempted.

One of the things I don’t like about Facebook is that it wants people to provide a lot of personal details when setting up an account. Thankfully, it is possible to leave nearly all of these spaces blank, so if you want to keep your address, education or employment details private, just don’t put them in.  I don’t trust the ‘privacy’ settings, they apparently have a habit of reverting from ‘private’ to ‘public’ when something changes on the page, so it’s safer not to provide information you don’t want to broadcast.

I am still largely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content on Facebook, annoyed about the ads taking up space (there is probably some setting to deal with these, that I yet have to discover) and sometimes a bit confused about where to post or ask questions etc…  But this doesn’t matter, I just ignore all the things I don’t understand or don’t like and focus on what is important – and that’s the people I’ve met.

The people I’ve met are amazing.

My Facebook circle is very small, but it includes some of the most generous and kind people I have ever known.  We help one another solve ‘techie’ problems, share information and volunteer ideas without expecting anything in return, provide support and encouragement when someone feels low.  Isn’t this what friends do?

In one of my earlier posts about Facebook, I said that I didn’t like the concept of ‘friending’ people on on-line.  I thought there was something unnatural about wanting to be friends with someone I’ve never met in person.  Now, I realize that I didn’t quite see it for what it was.  I think it doesn’t matter so much how and where I meet people, but what the relationships are like.  If they are kind, sincere and supportive, then that’s all I need.

Thank you, my Facebook friends, for being there.



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