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In the connection economy, trust and relationships are the new currency.

Seth Godin

If you want something you’ve never had, go do something you’ve never done.

If you have landed on this website, you are most likely searching for more and I congratulate you for you are one of those people who are striving for growth. Good for you!

I imagine you have been very busy growing your business but maybe lately you’ve been feeling a bit stuck or overwhelmed because:

  • You’re so busy running your business that no matter how early you get up, you still don’t finish all the work you have to do
  • The changes you want and crave for, don’t let you sleep at night but you don’t know what clear action to take and what logical steps to follow
  • You’re not making enough profit and it terrifies you when you have to face the accountant to talk about the financial side of your business
  • Your cash flow feels like a real roller coaster ride and it’s exhausting you
  • It feels like you are constantly hitting the wall: you want to get more customers and make more money but you want to have a life outside of your business, too!

I can help.

Hi there and welcome to my Business Mentoring and Consulting space.

I am a Business Mentor and Consultant and I have created this space with both aspiring and established business owners in mind. They are people like you – people who are following their passion to do something special and make a difference BUT may sometimes find it hard to translate that into numbers.

Over the past 20 years, I have been helping businesses to improve the way they work, optimise their cash flows and maximise profits.

 It’s my passion and it’s what I know to do best. I have worked with businesses to improve their operations and advised them on whether their intended investments would bring the returns they are looking for and if not, what alternatives they could consider.  In the process of doing so, I have written and reviewed countless business plans and created bespoke financial models that could be used to create cash flow projections and as a business management tool.

I have worked with companies of various sizes and across a range of industries and market sectors. As with all successful businesses, they all had one thing in common:  the ability to generate sufficient cash flow was the key to their growth.

Your passion and vision for the future is what drives you forward and that is hugely important for making your business a success. And yes, you very much deserve to be extremely well rewarded for your ideas, innovative spirit, work and commitment.

If you have been running your business for some time now and would like to change a few things to improve your profits…

I can help you find the way, suitable for you, to improve your product offering/service package and work out an action plan for restructuring your business if needed and improving & boosting profitability.

There are no ‘tried and tested systems’ here which would cost you a fortune and you would need to learn and follow like a slave. Your business is as unique as you are and it deserves better than a ‘cookie cutter’ or ‘all-size-fits-all’ template, it deserves a bespoke approach. I would work with you to deliver that.

Started your entrepreneurial journey only recently? Don’t worry.

First of all, congratulations on your bold and inspired decision and I wish you every success in creating a flourishing business.

Should you need a sounding board or someone you could ask a few questions along the way, I can provide a bridge between your creative passion and tangible outcomes for your business and help you translate your ideas into an actionable business plan. An easy-to-follow business plan not only empowers you as a business owner but is also of great value to you when mapping out how you want your business to grow. You can use it as a tool, too, to make sure you stay in control of how things are going.

I hope I’ve covered enough here for you to have an idea how I could support you on your entrepreneurial journey.

It’s about your business, your way.

Still have unanswered questions? Let’s talk.

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