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What Drives You – Logic Or Emotions?

Creative vs. logical, emotion vs. reason, instinct vs. knowledge – which of these best describe you?

 Do fantastic ideas pop into your head all the time or do you prefer to approach things from a logical point of view?
Do you act on emotion or do you reason with yourself to avoid making what might potentially turn out to be a wrong decision?
Do you follow your instinct or try to apply your knowledge to solve the problems life throws at you?
Do you follow your heart and that special feeling somewhere inside your body or do you analyse everything before you make a decision?
The truth is, we are all a bit of both, a mix of the right and left brain thinking and all that differs is which part of the brain dominates and to what extent.

Is one way better than the other?

I don’t think so. What is important, though, is that we are aware of our prevailing way of thinking and understand how to use it to our best advantage.
Someone who is largely creative and driven by emotions, may be coming up with brilliant business ideas but may be struggling seeing them through. On the other hand, a very logical, analytical person, could be able to run a business like clockwork, but they may be lacking ideas to make that business a real success. What works best, is some sort of a balance between the two.

Know yourself, recognise your strengths and weaknesses and work with what you’ve got. You will feel happier and your business will be better for it.

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