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A Day Not Like Any Other

Today started like any other week-day. Nothing particular about it – be that good or bad. The usual morning rush to school, catching up with work, sorting out various things, school pick-up, a weekly supermarket shop etc, etc… Finally, I fed the boys dinner, sent them to bed and sat down for my last ‘to do’ thing from my today’s list – writing my daily post.  Only that I couldn’t quite do what I had planned.

I heard the news.

You will have heard it by now, too.  It will be all over newspapers tomorrow morning and probably a for few days after that. The unimaginable horror of the Malaysian passenger aircraft crashing in the Ukraine, presumed shot down by either the Russian or Ukrainian forces, although both sides deny any involvement.

So many lives lost.  So tragic and so totally pointless.  It seems wars are breaking up one after another, all over the place, and innocent people are suffering.  Just think what’s going on in Israel, Palestine, Syria and many other places…I’m not taking sides or trying to pass a judgement, only pointing out that the human race seems to be losing the plot…


Why is there so much evil surrounding us?  Why can’t we just all live in peace and harmony? Live and let live? How do we explain to our children why people keep killing one another and how do we teach them that there is some good in the world despite all of the horrible things going on?

What is the point???

Forgive me this outburst, but I had to get it off my chest. It’s not a day like any other, so a ‘usual’ post just wouldn’t make sense…

4 thoughts on “A Day Not Like Any Other

  1. Beata, it’s a perfect post for the day considering the day! No need to apologize or justify/rationalize. You paid tribute in your own way. It is truly devastating no doubt. Let us do our best to focus our love and light as best we can, to raise our love and positive energy and vibration to change all this. 🙂 <3

    1. Elly,
      Thank you for your very kind comment. I must say I find it really hard to get my head round all these senseless events… 🙂

  2. I agree, what is the point of all this fighting, destruction and suffering? I’m not being flippant but I sometimes wonder if women could have done any better, surely we couldn’t have done a worse job …

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