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A Day Not Like Any Other

Today started like any other week-day. Nothing particular about it – be that good or bad. The usual morning rush to school, catching up with work, sorting out various things, school pick-up, a weekly supermarket shop etc, etc… Finally, I fed the boys dinner, sent them to bed and sat down for my last ‘to […]

I Wasn’t Going To Write This…

  I had two or three pre-planned ideas for my today’s post but, as someone has recently said to me, ‘life hardly ever goes to plan, and that’s OK’. So I’ve left my ideas as they were and decided to write something completely different. One of my friends left a comment on my website. It […]

Talking In My Head

I have always thought that talking to yourself is a sign of imminent  madness, or at least a significant eccentricity. I am now forced to revisit this assumption  – I have started talking to myself quite a lot recently, whilst I believe I am perfectly sane. Sometimes, the sentences churn over quietly in my head, […]

Get Rich Quick – Or Not…

A few days ago, I received a strange email.  It was a message from a complete stranger promising me I could get rich  – very quickly, pretty much RIGHT NOW. How exactly was I going to get rich? The person who offered to solve all my financial problems, claimed he had a large amount of […]