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Good Luck To You!

Are you feeling lucky? The place where I grew up as a child was not far from a meadow full of clovers. I remember always searching for one for luck but found it only on rare occasions. Not that surprising, really, given that apparently a chance of finding one is estimated at 1: 10,000. What […]

I Need A Holiday

Yes, that’s right – I am in a desperate need of a holiday. I am not necessarily talking about going somewhere sunny and warm (although that would be very nice);  in fact, I don’t actually need to go anywhere as such. I just need a break, from pretty much everything. This year has been very hectic […]

I Am Not My Children’s Friend

One of the first videos of me and my first-born, recorded after we’d come home from the hospital, shows me lifting him out of his Moses basket and looking utterly petrified. You could probably imagine the words ‘AND WHAT NOW???’ tattooed across my forehead. I did read a few ‘becoming a new mum’ type books, but nothing, nothing at all, […]

How personal can a blog be?

  First of all, apologies to all my friends for not writing for a while, I hope you didn’t think I abandoned you. I didn’t plan to have a largely ‘non-blogging’ September, but it just worked out like that.  Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, or go completely against it.  In my case, most […]