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A Little Bit of Maths Help

It’s going to be a bit of a cheat, this post. Probably the shortest one I’ve ever written, but my mind is so pre-occupied with the ongoing 11+ exams at the moment, that I can barely think of anything else. We did (yes, it feels like we all are doing it) the Selective Eligibility Test two weeks ago. […]

Grammar Schools Clock Is Ticking

Yes, it’s yet another 11+ post. You see, once we’ve decided to go down the ‘let’s try to get our child into a grammar school’ route, it has taken over my life.  With the deadline fast approaching (only three months to the Selective Eligibility Test – the first exams round), we breathe and live revision and practice test papers. All utterly boring and tedious, […]

3 Reasons Why People Struggle With Maths

Maths is one of those subjects that people believe they are either good or rubbish at, with very little – if any – space for the middle ground. Those who are good at maths, tend to take it for granted. Many assume that if they understand it, so should everyone else. Those who are not particularly ‘mathematically minded’, tend to adopt an […]

The Cost Of Getting Through 11+ Exams

Quality and affordability of education in the UK, especially at a secondary school level, is often a controversial and divisive subject. This is even more the case when a discussion focuses on access to selective schools. The cost of preparation for selective schools’ 11+ entry exams has been rising over the past few years; it can be significant and unaffordable […]

11+ Preparation – Can It Be Too Much?

11+ exams are looming… With just over six months left before selective secondary schools exams, pressure is building up. Let’s face it – preparation for entrance exams at 11+ is stressful, both for children and parents. Between the two, it is the child’s stress that needs to be avoided as much as possible if the preparation is to be effective.  Yes, a bit of stress is a good motivating factor for grown-ups, but I’m not sure to what […]