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Do You Know Your Business Numbers?

Your Business Numbers Matter You’ve got your mind firmly fixed on growing your business. New products, new services, new markets… Busy working out the best strategy to take it forward. Knowing where you want to get to, having a clear vision for the next stage of your business is hugely important. Before thinking about the […]

Escape A Trap Of A Hobby Business

‘It’s just a hobby business, I don’t really need to make a profit…’ Believe it or not, I hear this sort of statement, with small variations, quite often. In fact, probably more often than I would like to, which is why I’m writing this post. ‘Hobby business’ Can you spot a contradiction here? A business […]

The Secret Of Charging Premium Prices

Are you happy with how much money you make? Would you like your business to generate more revenue without having to sell loads more? If you’re not trading in luxury goods or services, you have probably wondered more than once how to start charging premium prices without risking losing your customers. The key to pricing […]

What Drives You – Logic Or Emotions?

Creative vs. logical, emotion vs. reason, instinct vs. knowledge – which of these best describe you?  Do fantastic ideas pop into your head all the time or do you prefer to approach things from a logical point of view?   Do you act on emotion or do you reason with yourself to avoid making what […]

Getting To the Point

Due to the nature of my job, I need to read quite a lot, mainly various business plans and reports – on strategy, marketing, financial arrangements for projects and so on. A lot of these documents seem to be written as if to be sold by weight – the heavier, the more important. However, not […]