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Blogging For Your Target Audience

Do you know for whom you write your blog?

The most likely answer is ‘Yes, I write a blog for  my clients’ – but do you know exactly who your clients are?
When blogging for business, the key point to keep in mind is who we write the posts for. Both the content and the language of the blog need to be pitched at the right level for the audience, i.e. our clients, and take into account:
– who they are,
– what it is that they need/want and
– at what level they can understand it.

If we were to take an example of someone who specialises in aromatherapy, a blog aimed at potential clients would be very different from one aimed at people with a professional interest in this particular field.

Clients potentially interested in an aromatherapy treatment, would most likely want to find out about types of treatments available, what benefits they could achieve from such treatments and possibly a few basic things about the essential oils, e.g. lavender helping them relax or geranium lifting the mood. They would enjoy reading an easy to follow text which would make them go, ‘Oh yes, this sounds nice,’ and hopefully pick up the phone to book a treatment.
Those with a deeper interest in aromatherapy, for example someone thinking about going into this area of work, would want to know many more things about it. This could  include different massage techniques, chemical properties of the oils, how they should be applied and why, safety precautions, which oils go well together to form synergistic blends etc. etc. By default, a post aimed at this particular audience would need to be more detailed. It would likely include some specialist vocabulary relating to aromatherapy and as a result could be more difficult to read and absorb by a general audience.

If  we put in a blog post everything we know, it may become overwhelming instead of engaging. The blog needs to contain what’s relevant to the target audience and be easy to read and understand.

Be clear on who your target audience are and use that clarity to design relevant and engaging content for them.

If you would like some more tips about effective blogging, here is a link to an article by Yoast: 5 Tips For Readable Blog Posts.

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